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If you suffer from anxiety, you might be so accustomed to it that you ignore it until it gets very high. Do you have backaches, jaw pain, headaches, or other pain from muscle tension? Do you fidget, tap your foot, or bounce your leg? You might have a dry mouth or throat, racing heart, blushing, sweaty palms or underarms, or frequency urination from anxiety. Anxiety can cause nausea, diarrhea, or other abdominal discomforts; dizziness, tunnel visioni, or tinnitis (ringing in the ears).

Anxiety is actually important to survival. It is a useful signal that becomes a problem if it goes unchecked, unregulated, and stays high too much. If your life is in danger, you need the signal from your body, often called "fight or flight" to take action to keep ourself safe. Then we call it fear. If you are not in danger, we call it anxiety. Then, it is a signal, not of external danger, but of a feeling inside you that needs your attention.

Dr. Lubell's certification in ISTDP affords her a unique perspective in understanding and treating anxiety. Dr. Lubell can help you identify and lower your anxiety, experience the emotions you may be supporessing, and work through them in a healthy way, with care and support.