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If you are suffering from depression, you may be caught in a web of negative thoughts, low energy, little if any enjoyment of your life, and difficulty hoping it will get better. You may have trouble sleeping, or sleep too much, and you might have changes in your appetite and lost or gain weight that you don't want.

Once you are depressed, the depression becomes self reinforcing and hard to get out of on your own, whether because you do less of the things you might enjoy, or because of the relentless self-judgement and hopeless thinking. Depression actually changes people's brain chemistry. The good news is that good therapy can change brain chemistry in a positive way. Dr. Lubell has helped many people recover from depression without medication. And for those who need or choose the aid of antidepressant medication, the fact is that it works better - and with less chance of relapse - in concert with psychotherapy. Dr. Lubell can help you get to the bottom of your depression, not just cover it up.

Many people confuse depression with grief and sadness, but they are very different. Sadness is a natural core emotion, part of being human. Depression is not. There can be many causes of depression. For most people, depression actually results from ignoring or pushing down core feelings. Dr. Lubell helps people to get to the root of their depression and to feel genuine emotions.

Depression can also result from chronic anxiety that goes untreated and may be ignored until it leads to depression (see ANXIETY). Dr. Lubell can help you to lower your anxiety, experience your genuine emotions, and live your life the way you want to.