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Dr. Aimee Lubell has thirty years of experience helping people heal from the trauma of sexual abuse, both individually and in groups. Whether you have been molested as a child or sexually assaulted as an adult, the silence surrounding these traumas can be another layer of hurt and harm to victims. Often survivors of sexual abuse feel shame, especially if the perpetrator was a family member or someone else who was trusted. Breaking this silence in a small group facilitated by an experienced therapist can be a big step towards healing.

A small group offers a unique opportunity to tell one’s story to people who understand. Many survivors have had disturbing experiences of telling someone about the abuse.

Whether or not this happened to you, group members can feel truly listened to in a unique way. It is also a place where survivors can heal attachment wounds, improve relationships with others, and heal the disturbance in trust that is often a result of sexual abuse. In these groups, Dr. Lubell facilitates relationships among group members in a safe environment. She teaches techniques to reduce anxiety, which can plague survivors of sexual abuse who often suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Dr. Lubell also encourages and promotes self care in creative ways. Groups are generally twelve weeks long so that members can become comfortable with each other, and have the opportunity to get what they need from the experience.